Wedding Dresses

Did you know that white has not always been the color of wedding dresses in the Western culture? It was not until Queen Victoria was married in a white wedding dress that the popularity for white grew. (She wanted to show off her lace!) Before then, the wedding dress was a symbol of status and […]

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Bridal Party

History of the Bridesmaids– As late as the 1900’s, Bridesmaids were a part of a “security detail” of sorts. It was believed that evil spirits would attempt to harm the bride and groom during the wedding, so the bride would surround herself with other women who would wear the same type of dress as the bride in […]

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Accessories include anything from the bride’s veil and garter to the bowties and cumber buns of the groom’s party. With Pam’s custom sewing you can match the fabrics of the bridal party or mix and match to your heart’s content.